Gil Petruska

CrossFit is the most comprehensive approach to fitness I’ve ever encountered. I’ve spent the better part of my life engaged in regular PT and sports, but it wasn’t until my deployment to Iraq in 2003-04, that the gaps in my PT program became obvious to me.

I had no idea what CrossFit was, but my buddy, CPT Mickey Lyon, and I knew the current model for physical training was not meeting the needs of soldiers. We defined the need as improved “athleticism”. I now realize we were chasing FUNCTIONAL FITNESS.

After returning home in 2004, I fell back into the same pre-deployment work-out patterns, and in fact put on over 30 pounds! In July 2007, I was turned on to CrossFit. There it was: Pure, simple and intense athleticism in an intelligently designed package! My first two WODs were “Cindy” and “Tabata Something Else”. As I was on the ground gasping for air, I was absolutely hooked. I soon discovered weightlifting as a sport through CrossFit, and have been on a journey to become less weak ever since! 

I currently hold a:

  • Crossfit Level 1 Certification
  • Crossfit Kettlebell Certification
  • Crossfit Barbell Certification
  • Newton Sports Explosive Lifting Training Certificate
  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coaching Certification
  • USA Weightlifting Senior Level Coaching Certification

Coti Miller

Originally from Michigan I moved to Pensacola in 2008 at the age of 18 and had a passion for MMA. I trained until I turned 21, and fell off the fitness wagon. Years later, I decided it was time to get back in shape. I started riding my bike to work, cooking all my own meals and dove into the fitness world head first.

After sifting through videos, blogs, and forums, I found CrossFit. I decided I would give it a try and started doing it in my garage with some dumbbells, a pull up bar, a small box and a jump rope. I was around 245 pounds (down from 270 when I started) and after the first few workouts I was hooked! I wouldn’t step into a real CrossFit gym until 4 months later. I walked into the gym and instantly felt like I was where I was supposed to be.

After a year doing CrossFit, I knew I wanted to coach. I wanted to help people feel what I felt: the satisfaction you get at the end of a work out, the sense of pride when I looked in the mirror, and the excitement of getting your first muscle up! Now a level 1 CrossFit trainer, I’m excited to coach in the same gym where all these experiences happened to me. I hope you give CrossFit a try and I hope we can make some awesome memories with the magic of CrossFit!

Lisa Despres

From my first WOD over 5 years ago, Razor’s has been my second home. I was introduced to CrossFit and Razor’s Edge after dealing with too much lower back compression from high-volume marathon training. I was in need of muscle mass and strength! CrossFit’s methodology has improved my back pain incredibly. REF’s trainers were understanding and were able to adjust my workouts to accommodate my limits and needs. I couldn’t be any more thankful for Razor’s Edge. 

Now, I have joined the coaching team to help others improve and excel. No matter your skill level, we are able to work with you to meet any desired fitness goals. REF offers healthy competition, great equipment, flexible scheduling, a community atmosphere, and RESULTS. Join us for a WOD anytime. We’d love to have you!



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