Membership Cancellation

We're sorry to see you go!
If you would like to put your membership on hold, a 5-day notice is required. You may request a 30, 60, or 90-day option with 90 being the maximum days allowed per year. Standard cancellation policies apply if you decide you need to cancel while on hold. If you would like to put your membership on hold instead of canceling, you can submit a Membership Hold Request. If you’re sure you’d like to cancel, just complete and submit the form below. This will serve as your 30-day written cancellation notice as required by your membership agreement. Your membership will be canceled 30 days from the submission of the form below. Note that if you have a scheduled payment within this period, the payment will be processed as scheduled. All payments are non-refundable and Yearly Paid In Full commitments do not apply. Cancellation of memberships prior to the expiration of any specified commitment period requires an early termination fee of the difference between the membership you were on and the membership you should have been on as outlined in your membership agreement.



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